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Daniel M. Isard
Founder and President
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The Dan Isard Show

Foresight Companies | Funeral Home Experts, Business Consultants

“I encourage you to browse around our website and gain an understanding of the variety of consulting services The Foresight Companies offer.  We are in business because enough of your colleagues have found our advice to be sound over the span of time and distance. We are honored that their trust has been placed in us and that we have sustained relationships with our clients and friends in this meaningful industry.
Please contact me directly with your questions and comments.”

“ From the booking process, to the selection of topics, to travel arrangements, to the day of the seminar, everything was very easy. Dan and all of his staff made the entire process easy to plan and book our daylong seminar. ”

“I had heard Dan speak before and knew that he would be perfect for our relatively small continuing education event. The handouts that Dan provided allowed me to easily follow along and make notes as I had Ah Ha moments throughout the day. Dan provided 9 hours of continuing education and it was all highly informative and useful. As the sponsor paying the bill I know that I took away information and ideas that will allow me to more than recoup the speaking and travel costs.”

“What an informative, sacred cow challenging day. It was filled with enough wit to keep the mood light and information and ideas to challenge my practices and perceptions. Dan is always informative, engaging, and entertaining.”

The Foresight Companies, LLC provides business consulting services to funeral home owners and cemeterians. Daniel M. Isard, is nationally recognized as an authority on valuation, succession planning, business management, mergers and acquisitions, and preneed. He provides litigation support as an expert witness regarding disputes within the death care industry.

Now in our fourth decade of serving your industry, Foresight is the leading provider of full spectrum financial and management consulting for death care professionals. Our business skills go beyond what a traditional accountant or attorney offer. Since 1984, we have designed and provided creative solutions to independently-owned funeral homes, cemeteries, and combo-operations.

Foresight’s credibility and trust at the state and national levels are supported by our unparalleled credentials including:

• Appraised over 2000 funeral homes, 500 cemeteries, and 75 preneed insurance companies.

• Operated funeral homes, cemeteries, cremation societies, pet
crematories and preneed marketing.

• Represented more than 400 owners in the sale of their funeral
homes or cemeteries.

• Assisted more than 60 people buy a funeral home or cemetery.

• Performed more than 40 feasibility studies for new funeral homes
and cemeteries.

• Helped more than 200 families pass the business to their children
or other shareholders.

• Presented over 500 speeches.

• Published more than 250 articles.

• Testified as an expert witness in more than 50 litigation cases, as well
as provided expert services to state associations helping them to fulfill
their legislative agenda.

• Arranged for $200 million in financing benefiting independent funeral homes and cemeteries.

• Provided management consulting to over 1,000 funeral homes and cemeteries (including HR, profitability, merchandising, operating, marketing, tax planning and more.)

• Written 4 books, including his latest book, "The Complete Preneed Perspective".

Our trained professionals focus on helping you, the business owner, increase the efficiency and profitability of your business while allowing you to focus on the compassionate delivery of service to the community who relies on you.

Foresight’s staff can assist you with current decisions as well as long-term planning.
When you’ve got a business problem, we can help you find the path that leads to
resolution. And when your day-to-day operations seem to run on auto-pilot, we can shake
things up just enough to enable your company and your staff to grow comfortably.

CONTACT US:  (800) 426-0165  ●  (602) 274-6464 ●  f4sight@f4sight.com


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